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Difference Between Distilled Water and Alkaline Water


Published by Admin | 2019-05-23 16:16:39

As options to tap water become more and more solicited after, new methods of water treatment, filtration, and purification are becoming ever more common. Daily readers of our articles will know what alkaline water is, the advantages associated and the pros and cons. However, another method of water treatment known as distillation has become the center of enhanced interest. For some people, these two methods of water purifying can create trouble.


What is the difference between Distilled Water and Alkaline Water?

Distilled water is the outcome of the process of boiling tap water and then consequently decreasing the vapor back into the water. Whereas alkaline water is water that has been purified to increase the pH level of the water making it less acidic and adding minerals rather than killing them.


The process of distillation kills all minerals from the water and aims to reduce the number of total dissolved solids (TDS) to 0. This can be a matter, though, because mineralization in water is an essential element for human health.


Many people ask 'is distilled water alkaline?', but there are two totally separate concepts of water purification and this is essentially based on minerals.


Mineral content in water such as calcium, magnesium and other elements protect against lacks by providing enough consumption which can often be dropping from many contemporary diets.


What are the consequences of distillation?

Distillation can have some advantages, however. For people who want a short-term detox, distilled water is required because it removes all minerals and contaminants and decreases the chances of getting any water borne diseases. However, the evidence that distillation kills almost everything from the water indicates it is not fit for regular human disease.


The World Health Organisation (WHO), in a publication titled ‘Health Risks from Drinking Demineralised Water’, stated that distilled water ‘enhanced diuresis, reduced antitoxin concentration and enhanced the elimination of potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium anions from the body.’


More dangers connected with distillation were the lower consumption of necessary elements and microelements as well as potential enhanced dietary consumption of toxic elements. On top of these health consequences of distilled water, the WHO also declared that it has been stated to have negative outcomes for the taste of the water and has been seen to be less appetite quenching.


Study on Risks Associated with Distilled Water

Additional verdicts from the WHO suggest various wider health indications of drinking water that has incompetent mineral content. Two epidemiological studies in some cities examined the effects of water consumption with different levels of calcium and magnesium in females aged 19-48.


The conclusions showed that women living in cities studied had more regular occurrences of cardiovascular changes, higher blood pressure, headaches, dizziness, and osteoporosis examined to those women who lived in other cities.


Why Choose Aqua Prills enhanced Natural Alkaline Water?

Aqua Prills, on the other hand, makes the water slightly more alkaline while improving the mineral content. This neutralizes all of the risks involved with demineralization by securing your body’s consumption of elements like calcium and magnesium is helped by water consumption and not limited by it. On the opposite to distilled water, the taste is also improved and alkaline water has the ability to improve hydration even in times of extreme physical activity. The makeup of alkaline water also indicates that the electrolyte irregularities in the body which can be caused by distilled water are not likely.


Therefore, it is obvious that distilled water is not a healthy long-term option to tap water. While in particular cases for short-term detox purposes distilled water may be needed, it is not a viable form of drinking water for regular human intake. This is primarily due to its capacity to demineralize the water, possibly leading to health issues such as mineral deficiencies, electrolyte imbalances and increased instances of the diseases found in few cities study.


Alkaline water, on contrast, can improve the content of minerals like calcium and magnesium, while still removing all of the unwanted elements like heavy metals, and chlorine. With Aqua Prills, you can eliminate these pollutants but keep all of the healthy properties giving you a long-term, sustainable option to tap and distilled water.


Healthy Water, Healthy Living!!

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