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Tips to Maintain Alkaline in Body


Published by Admin | 2018-12-07 18:23:24

Having Alkaline minerals in your body can help you to fight against many problems related to your body. Alkaline helps you to reduce weight, prevents diseases like cancer, diabetes, arthritis, etc.


Foods like animal proteins, dairy products, processed foods, wheat, sugar, and alcohol build and increase the level of acidity in your body. After a long time, regular consumption of acidic foods increases the level of stress in our body and directly affects our immune system.


To avoid, all the health issues caused by acidic minerals in our body we have to maintain it by consuming alkaline foods regularly. We have to add alkaline vegetable of fruit in our daily intake.


According to experts, taking 70% alkaline food and 30% acidic food maintains your body's pH level and helps to manage good health.

Tips to maintain Alkaline

  • Reduce stress level:

Stress is one of the major cause that builds acidic minerals in your body rapidly. So, it is necessary for us to control our stress level and stay relaxed. To reduce stress daily perform yoga, deep breathing, and meditation because of these all activities makes you relax and keep your mind calm. Relaxed mind reduces acid level from your body and maintains pH level.

  • Consume lots of green fruits and vegetables:

Green vegetables and fruits are great resources of alkaline minerals. By adding green vegetables and fruits to your daily meal helps you to maintain pH level and reduce acidity. Try to make green vegetables and fruits as your main meal instead of grains and meat.

  • Be physically fit:

To reduce acidity from your body exercise is an excellent method. Daily exercise of 30 minutes to 60 minutes reduce acidity in the form of sweating and helps to increase the level of alkaline in your body.

  • Avoid alcohol:

Research says, alcoholic drinks are higher in acidic minerals and filled with lots of sugar. Taking regular alcohol imbalances your pH balance and increases the acidity. Because of this, as a result, your body starts getting issues like weight gain, high cholesterol level, etc.

  • Alkaline water:

We all know that water is a very essential part of life. Alkaline water is an excellent resource to keep alkaline in your body. Drink Aqua Prills enhanced water which helps you to maintain alkaline in your body. A person needs to drink at least 7 to 10 glasses of alkaline water daily.


Healthy Water, Healthy Living!!

Aqua Prills treat water by alkalinizing it-Creating hexagonal water clusters to make “thin” water at home!

They adjust the pH in the water you consume, that to naturally and helps hydrate and rejuvenate your body for efficient functioning- that too in non-hazardous, safe & cost effective way.


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