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Top 5 Tips to Live Alkaline Life


Published by Admin | 2019-02-27 17:45:22

We all know that the alkaline diet is how beautiful for our health and fitness. Aqua Prills want to aware everyone about the alkaline lifestyle and how to stay healthy with alkaline diet & Alkaline Water.


We want to make the alkaline lifestyle easy to start, implement and stick to for everyone. Our mission is to make India healthy and make the alkaline lifestyle easy.


The basic principles to make alkaline life easy are:


  1. Take baby steps instead of going full-on from day one.
  2. Don't change your personality, enjoy your life and favorite foods.


Follow above-mentioned principles and start your healthy life now!!

1. Oxygen as the key to removing acids:

By doing a basic breathing exercise once or twice a day give our body a huge helping hand in removing acids. Also, it allows us to focus on mind, relax and visualize and that helps our body to become alkaline.


Follow this breathing tips:

Breath in for 2 seconds

Hold the breath for 4 seconds

Breath out for 2 seconds

Repeat this process daily for 10 times.

2. Start Consuming Green Vegetables

The alkaline diet is also about alkaline foods. There is contradictory information on websites about which foods are alkaline and which are acidic foods.


We all know very well that alkaline foods are healthy and good for us like fresh vegetables, leafy vegetables, nuts, low-sugar foods, salads, healthy oils, seeds, high-water-content foods, and unrefined and organic foods.


Here are some acidic foods that are unhealthy for our body: junk food, fast food, trans-fat, dairy products, caffeine, sugar, meat, white bread, alcohol, chocolate, pizza, rice and ice cream.

3. Hydrate your  Body

Few resources found that 90% of humans are chronically dehydrated and have a massive impact on their quality of life. Drinking water is important for good health because human bodies consist of 70% water.


Getting properly hydrate will make a big difference to our health, vitality, immunity, and energy. Everything is affected by the quality and quantity of the water that we drink. The main objective to make our water alkaline with the pH between 8 and 9.5.


Few hydration tips:

  1. Drink 8-10 glass of water daily.
  2. Drink lemon juice regularly.
  3. Drink organic herbal tea.

4. Use different Supplements

The most mind-boggling and confusing part of the alkaline diet for beginners is "What kind of alkaline supplements they can consume?" There are lots of supplements available in the market but we suggest all to drink Aqua Prills enhanced alkaline water regularly.


Alkaline Water:

Aqua Prills enhanced alkaline water keep your body hydrated, prevents diabetes and heart attacks, reduces acidity and improve bone health.

5. Start Alkaline Diet Slowly.

Take the alkaline diet slowly. There are lots of examples proving that person who tries to do the full alkaline diet from day one fails within one week. The alkaline diet is very easy and not restrictive once you have gotten used to it. Get it slowly, by sticking to it for the long-term rather than being perfect for a day or a week then crashing.


Aqua Prills treat water by alkalinizing it-Creating hexagonal water clusters to make “thin” water at home!

They adjust the pH in the water you consume, that to naturally and helps hydrate and rejuvenate your body for efficient functioning- that too in non-hazardous, safe & cost effective way.


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