AquaPrills Twin (Family Pack) 180gms

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  • Aqua Prills – 180gms Mineral [2 Bags]
  • Content – Magnesium and Calcium
  • [RO filter removes 92 – 99% of Magnesium and Calcium]
  • Use – 5 liter container (Glass, SS, Copper)
  • 2 Years Guarantee
  • pH – 7.45 to 9
  • pH Tester – Check pH of water every 3-4 months (only for testing)

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Aqua prill is a Bag of Natural MINERALS that increases the pH in the water naturally.

  • Aqua prills are energized Magnesium Prills.
  • Magnesium is fourth most abundant mineral in our body and most deficient.
  • There are 300+ biochemical reactions in our body that require Magnesium.
  • Magnesium helps reduce Acidity in body and balances the pH of Water.
  • Magnesium supplementation actually improves the body’s use of calcium.
  • Shell Life: 2 Years
  • pH – 7.45 to 9
  • Mineralize your RO water naturally.
  • The pH of water increases from an acidic or neutral state to alkaline state, which results in significant health benefits and aids towards a better quality of life.
  • SAFE, NATURAL and HEALTHY! [72% Body consist of “WATER”]

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4 reviews for AquaPrills Twin (Family Pack) 180gms

  1. Dr Nehal Sadhu

    Its really fantastic…!! And economical Alkaline Water…!! As a Doctor i recommend it… and yaa it’s a future

  2. Rakesh Arora

    After using your product. “The overall health of our family members is improving due to regular use of Alkaline Water” thank U Rakesh Arora

  3. Priti

    It’s really good…it’s tastes also sweet…I m fully satisfied with the alkaline water

  4. Umesh Patel

    We have been using aquaprills last 4 or 5 months… My mother has been suffering from acidity last 10 year. She was fearing to eat meal and having milk also .. we use aquaprills and my mother is very much satisfied with this

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